The ICCR has a number of Facilities available for use by Researchers and Commercial entities. The ICCR is the hub for a number rooms that can be connected for data capture, management and analysis, audio visual capture, editing and production. At the heart of these Facilities is the "Control Room". This room contains all of the audio, video, server and high speed storage infrastructure that services the various facilities throughout the ICCR and the Melbourne Graduate School of Education building. These facilities include:

Watch this short video where Professor David Clarke, ICCR Director, explains some of the research possibilities offered by the Laboratory Classroom. In the Laboratory Classroom, researchers sit behind a one-way mirror to observe the class. Up to twenty-two fixed and portable radio microphones and sixteen high definition cameras are controlled by the technical team to ensure everything the researchers need is captured – all without distracting the students or teacher.


Bookings and enquiries for any of these facilities and services can be made by contacting Cameron Mitchell.