Laboratory Classroom

The Melbourne Laboratory Classroom is a brand new facility within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, at the University of Melbourne. Funded by the ARC through the establishment of the Science of Learning Research Centre, this cutting edge facility offers a number of unique rooms for capturing high quality, high definition video and audio at a level of detail unavailable anywhere else. The Classroom is directly connected to an Observation ("Control") room with one-way mirrored glass for discreet observation. This control room serves as the hub for capturing data from a number of rooms throughout the MSGE building, including the ICCR Computer Lab, as well as all drama, art and music spaces on the floor above.


    Take control of data collection like never before.
    The producer station gives unprecedented control
    to researchers' to direct and observe their
    data collection.


    The heart of the operation and where all data
    collection is managed throughout the ICCR.
    Comfortably seats 10 observers plus technicians.


    The classroom can capture research data at
    a level of detail not previously possible.
    Multi-channel, high resolution audio and video
    shed new light on complex classroom settings.


    "Live broadcast" style production equipment
    means we never miss a moment in the classroom.
    Live streaming capable.


    Seperated by one way privacy glass, the classroom
    can be customised depending on the project.
    Custom LED lighting, and movable furniture
    are key features.



Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Kwong Lee Dow Building
234 Queensberry St, Level 2, 
Rooms: Q417 (Classroom), Q418 (Control Room)

Classroom Key Features

  • Large traditional style classroom with integrated AV equipment for data and document projection - AMX controlled. 
  • Modular tables with flexible seating configurations (tables on wheels).
  • Class set of iPad Air 16GB (25 units) available for deployment in the classroom. Airplay facilities for capturing screens from iPads.
  • Custom touch screen controllable LED lighting system for filming with full RGB colour temperature control.
  • 10 HD Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras (PTZ) mounted on walls and ceiling for unprecedented HD video capture of the classroom.
  • Direct to video capture of all data and document feeds from within the classroom
  • Motorised Blue and Green Screen (3.6m screens) for live presentations and other live streamed events direct from the classroom.
  • 8 Ceiling mounted microphones, 1 teacher podium microphone, 13 Radio lapel microphones. 

Control Room Key Features

  • 16 Channels of High Definition (HD) video capture via HD PTZ cameras, and up to 8 channels of Airplay screen capture.
  • All video captured in sync via custom control software, and available post-lesson as individual HD synchronous video files. Files can be transcoded to any digital format required for client delivery via the video compression computer cluster.
  • 32 Channels of Audio Capture with X32 mixing console and ProTools software.
  • iPad user controllable headphone sends (x 4) putting the academic in control of their own personal headphone mix during filming.
  • 4 channel bi-way comms system. Need to talk to teachers/observers in the classroom? Yes you can - take control of your session.
  • 48 i/o Channel ROSS Carbonite Extreme HD vision mixer.
  • 7 x 40” LED HD monitors for guest viewing of the action. See all 16 video feeds on the “wall of screens”.
  • Viewing platform for guests/researchers to observe the classroom through the 6m wide one-way viewable glass window.
  • Live streaming capability in HD resolution.
  • Latest Generation Mac Pro video edit station with 10GBe fibre connected SAN. Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro installed as standard.
  • High speed internet access and guest wifi access within the room.
  • Soundproofed, acoustically treated listening environment. Accommodates up to 10 observers comfortably.
  • Seating for post-event interviews, with dedicated Control Room camera for capture.
  • Multiple AV tie lines for adding additional cameras/devices from the classroom or remote located computer lab with 6 iMac computers.
  • Computer Lab connectivity with Studiocode live video analysis coding software pre-loaded (6 iMacs). 
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